Check In Process

To start your OnVUE exam, sign in just as you did when scheduling it, either on your exam program’s website or on the Pearson VUE webpage for your exam program.

Then find your OnVUE exam and click the Begin Exam button to start the checkin. Note:

  • Check in is available 30 minutes before to 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time.
  • The Begin Exam button is displayed only during that time.
  • Click the Copy Access Code button when you see it; the access code is your unique code for your OnVUE testing session.
  • After you download the OnVUE application, you must run it manually either from the screen you are on or from the folder it was downloaded to; for security reasons, OnVUE is not run automatically.
  • After OnVUE starts, close all other applications running on your computer. OnVUE’s secure browser attempts this automatically, but this could disrupt your exam start.
    • On Microsoft Windows, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to access Task Manager.
    • On a Mac, press Command+Option+Esc to access Force Quit.

Successfully completing your check‑in early will not allow you to start your exam early.

You will have to take some photos, here are some considerations for the same.

A mobile phone works best for capturing the required headshot, ID, and environment photos, but you can use a webcam if you don’t have a mobile phone.

Headshot photos: your headshot is compared to your ID photo to make sure the right person takes the exam; it may also be included on your score report. Tips for taking headshots:

  • Take your headshot in front of a solid background using good lighting.
  • Prompts will indicate any adjustments needed to get a good photo — just follow the instructions.

ID photos: we use your ID to verify your identity. Photos required depend on the type of ID used:

  • Driver’s licensegovernment-issued ID, or other approved ID card: capture front and back.
  • Passport: capture photo page only.

Testing environment photos: you are required to take four photos of your testing environment during the checkin. Try to get clear shots. They are used for the proctor’s reference during the testing session and for quality control, security, and auditing purposes.

Pearson VUE deletes check-in photos according to regulations in the country where you test.