During the Exam

Once you submit your photos and arrive at this screen, you are being recorded and your photos are being reviewed by an OnVUE greeter. The greeter will either start your exam without contacting you or will chat/call you to work through any issues. When the exam is started, if you either leave the webcam view or are using your mobile phone while waiting, your exam will be revoked.

You are under exam conditions

  • Do not use your mobile device in your testing environment.
  • You must stay within webcam view in the same room where your testing area photos were taken.

Your OnVUE proctor attempts to resolve technical issues in real time. If the issue cannot be resolved, the proctor files a case on your behalf. This leads to one of two outcomes, depending on when the issue occurred: 

  • Before the exam started: Pearson VUE may either reschedule your exam appointment or cancel your appointment, which provides you a refund or reinstates your original voucher where applicable.
  • During your exam: Pearson VUE will provide a voucher for a new appointment.

Normally, you shouldn’t need to. If you are disconnected from the proctor and cannot resume your OnVUE exam, we will create a case on your behalf. If you want to raise the issue yourself, however, you can contact Pearson VUE Customer Support by chat or phone.

  • Chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Phone support varies by region. Find phone support information for your region on the Pearson VUE Customer Support webpage.