Set up your testing space

You should follow these rules which are also stated on the Pearson VUE site.

  • You must be fully clothed throughout your entire exam (no hats or hoods)
  • You must stay within your webcam view
  • You cannot get up and walk around
  • No one can enter your testing environment
  • You cannot leave your testing environment
  • A beverage in any container is allowed, but no food or smoking
  • You cannot move your webcam once your testing session has started
  • Mumbling or speaking out loud will lead to a warning

For best results, prepare your testing environment before your appointment. Every OnVUE testing environment must meet these criteria:

  • Quiet: background noise may distract proctors monitoring your exam session and could interfere with your session.
  • No interruptions: inform any other members of your household that you are taking an exam and cannot be interrupted during your entire appointment time.
  • Well lit: proctors must be able to see you and your testing space well. Do not sit in front of a window or other strong light. If you are backlit, you are not clearly visible (draw shades or curtains and/or turn off lights behind you).
  • Privacy:
    • No one else in the room: ideally, you should prevent others from entering. If someone does inadvertently enter, say “Please leave; I’m testing.” No other communication is allowed and could lead to your exam being terminated.
    • Others cannot see your exam: no one else must be able to view your computer or monitor, even through windows.
  • Nothing in arm’s reach that is not specifically allowed:
    • Your exam program will indicate any equipment or materials specifically approved for use during an OnVUE exam; these must be on the desk during checkin.
      Note: there is a difference between what is allowed at a testing center and what is allowed in an OnVUE testing session
    • Be sure to place your mobile phone out of arm’s reach after you finish using it to take the check in photos. It needs to be available should we need to contact you.