System Test

If you are taking exam from home, you must perform system test to see if your system matches the minimal requirement for taking the exam.

Before you sign up for an OnVUE exam, find out if your computer and connection will work. Go to your testing program’s OnVUE webpage, click Test my system, and follow instructions.

You will see the steps to follow to do the systems check. You will have to download the software on the computer. Paste the copied access code and run the software. The software will check system’s audio, video and internet bandwidth. Make sure you do this once more before an hour of exam as well just to be sure.

If you run this test using the same computer and internet connection you plan to use for your exam, you can feel confident about your setup. Plus, you get a preview of the check‑in process and launching an exam.

Some more considerations:

  • Required: a desktop or a laptop; tablets and touch screens cannot be used for your exam.
  • Requireda single monitor. Extra monitors are not allowed; you should remove them from the testing room, or at least show them as unplugged in your testing environment photos.
  • Required if using an external monitor with a laptop: you must have an external mouse, keyboard, and webcam and the lid of your laptop must be closed
  • Recommended: a personal computer rather than a work computer, which may have additional security that can interfere with your testing session.

A connection failure or interruption can interfere with, or even end, your OnVUE testing session. Take these steps to avoid disconnection:

  • Use a wired internet connection rather than WiFi, if possible.
  • If using WiFi, ask that other household members do not use the internet during your exam.
  • Disconnect any VPNs if you have them; OnVUE does not work well with VPNs.